Windforth is a town under construction on the Minedlands server. It was founded by Captain_Naughty, who later invited Cannonwalker to join him in the town.


Captain_Naughty and Cannonwalker both started their Minedlands careers as citizens of an island, which Cannonwalker was the founder of. After some time had passed, Naughty and Cannonwalker were both becoming discontent with life on the island. The two decided that they would leave and start societies of their own: Cannonwalker went on to start The Brotherhood of the Golden Pants, while Naughty went on to start what was an unnamed town themed after the Nordic countries.
  • Cannonwalker's Windforth home
  • Windforth as it currently stands

After construction had begun on both of their different societies Naughty invited Cannonwalker to join his, while Cannonwalker invited Naughty to join his own. Naughty had told Cannonwalker that he was unsure of what to name the town; he was debating between Windforth and another name. Cannonwalker liked the name Windforth, and so the town officially adopted the name.


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