I have a question for the community. We have user groups as a category, which I assume is for clans and such. There are soon to be clans springing up, as there always are. I was wondering though... griefing clans?

Griefing Clan?

A griefing clan is a team of players (ie. iCanHasGrief & TeamAvolition) that join random servers and professionally grief them. They obviously do not get the best reception from other players, but more than often they are praised for their comical actions. I myself have been a member of a griefing team consisting of two others, and I can tell you, you have a lot of fun.

So What Are You Asking?

Sometimes griefing clan sites get more... ferocious visitors than other Minecraft sites. I would ask that we allow pages for griefing clans, but add disclaimers that we do not affiliate ourselves with them, nor serve as their "home base." This does not mean we frown upon any user who joins a griefing clan, but we do not support griefing clans as a community.

Dan.... Why Are You Asking This?

If you're assuming it... yes. I plan on starting a griefing clan with several people. So let me add a little advertisement while I'm at it. I'd like to recruit the following people:

  • tbohus
  • Dirty_Mallace
  • Mega2098
  • Prefrence

Get back to me some way or another. Anyway, anyone who has an opinion of this topic, please post.