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A Turret


A Watchtower

A Turret Is 1 of 4 Defenses Defending A Watchtower. They Are Made Of Obsidian Blocks, A Repeater, 3 Swiches, A Dispenser, And Redstone. They Are Deadly To Enemies. They Fire Arrows When Players Or Mobs Get To Close.

Turret Info

Turret Health: 3000 Hearts

Turret DPS: 8 Hearts/sec.

Building Materials: Obsidion, Repeater, Arrows, Redstone, A Dispenser, And Switches

Type: Defensive Building

Size: Semi-Small

Attack Speed: Rapid

Turret FAQ

Is Turret Is A Machine Gun?

Answer: A Turret Is Not A Machine Gun Because It Has Single Target Damage Only.

How Do I Build A Turret?


1. Create A T Of Obsidian That Is 2x3.

2. Place 2 More Obsidian Blocks On Top Of Each End And Destroy The Blocks Bellow.

3. Place A 1 Block Tail Of Obsidian A The Back Of The Turret Frame.

4. Place 2 Switches On The Front Of The Upper-Most Obsidian Blocks A Switch Them On.

5. Place The Restone And A 3rd. Switch On The Back.

6. Place The Repeater And It Hopefully Will Turn On.

7. Flick The Repeater To 4 Ticks.

8. Place The Dispenser And Fill With Arrows And Your Done!

How Does A Turret Work?

Answer: It Only Works In Survival By Shooting Arrows.

Upgrade Images

Turret Upgrade Differences

1. At Level 1, The Turret Has No Wings, Has A Tail, And Is Made Completely Made Of Obsidian.

2. At Level 2, The Turret Gains Wings Made Of Gold And Has Some Bedrock.

3. At Level 3, The Turret Wings Become Diamond.

4. At Level 4, The Turret Wings Become Iron.

5. At Level 5 (Max. Level), The Turret Loses Its Wings And Is Made Of Bedrock.


1. A Turret In Real-Life Was Part Of A Castle.

2. A Turret Is The First Minecraft Building To Have Upgrade Levels.

3. Creepers Cannot Destroy A Turret.

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