The Slayers is a secret faction of peace keepers, sorta. They have only 3 goals:

1. Stop all worshipping of Herobrine in all its forms.

2. Keep all of Minecraft a safe place to live.

3. Make sure 99th_slayer stays safe from threats.


Day 1: The Slayers were founded by 99th_slayer to act as a secret security force.

Day 2: The Slayers just got their first recruit, a female warrior by the name of Asuncion9, she and the leader got along very easily.

Day 5: The Slayers won their first battle against the creatures of Herobrine, who were trying to take over a nearby village. Day 12: The Cave of Slayers, the main hideout for The Slayers, has been raided, no severe damage was done, although a rare artifact was stolen. The thief's name and features are currently unknown.

Day 20: A nearby village was attacked and completely annihilated in a matter of a few minutes, the only thing that could do this was the artifact that was stolen from The Slayers a few days ago. A message was left behind saying: "Give us the 'king' or face total destruction."

Current Members

99th_slayer (Leader)

Asuncion9 (Second-in-Command)

Requirements to join

Be willing to die for the safety of Minecraft.

Be good at keeping secrets.

Be good in a fight.

Be willing to go into highly dangerous areas, such as the Nether.

Be willing to go on dangerous missions, including but not limited to, working as a spy against possible threats, defend villages and cities against high amounts of monsters.