The Misfit Adventures of Rocket 93! is a story written by Pencil-! These events have not actually taken place, or are insignificant to the progression of Minecraft.

The Misfit Adventures of Rocket_93 are the planned out story of Rocket_93 and how he got lost in the forests of Minecraftia. These will be the tales of him surviving the best he can possibly survive.

Chapter 1: Intro.

Rocket_93 was just your average 15-year-old Minecraftian. He had no main features. He was always interested in mining and survival. He had a small family and were very poor. Rocket sometimes would venture into the woods, because it was better even there. He was a family of four; his father, Meteor O'craft, his mother, Lapis O'craft, himself, Rocket O'craft, (Named after his father as a pun to space science). And Rocket's little sister, Diamond O'craft. They were always a happy family. They never had any troubles until the 1.1 version, there was an attack at night from a charged creeper. Its victim was Meteor. Meteor did not survive the attack, he was laying in his bed. Lapis was locking the doors and the creeper sensed Meteor through the wall, it was a charged one so it instantly killed him. Everyone ran up the stairs to see what happened but it was too late; Meteor was all over the walls. Meteor lived a long life. He was born in the Minecraft demo. (In this story living through one Minecraft version would be one year, so Meteor was about maybe in his 40s). Rocket was shocked. This set off the worst thing ever thought of. He ran away into the forest. He never came back. Lapis and Diamond worried until Lapis was sick about it. Rocket was such a great survivor anyways, so there was nothing to worry about. But his mother and sister were too afraid to go search.

Chapter 2: Mourning Isn't a Good Idea.

More to be added! (Unless finished, but it isn't.)