Herobrine's Palace

Herobrine's Palace. A.K.A. The Great Devastation.

"Prepare to see the end of your Minecraftia...And the beginning of mine..." -Herobrine to Notch

The Great Devastation is Herobrine's palace and base of operations. At the end of The Chronicles of Minecraftia, Herobrine gathers everyone the heroes met during their adventure here for his final twisted plot to conquer Minecraftia. A great battle between Notch's armies and Herobrine's armies happens here.
Minecraft herobrine head by xminyoungie-d50a6qt

The Master's Head. The 3rd Boss Battle found in the Great Devastation.

The Great Devastation
Vital statistics
Participants Herobrine, Notch, Spark_Flendger and co, Everyone the Heroes met during the adventure.
Date The Day the Planets Align
Location The Great Devastation
The Great Devastation
Season 3, Episode 60
Air date  ???
Written by ME!
Directed by  ???
Episode guide
Reaching the Fog
The Great Devastation


The Foggy Border


The Great Devastation


Herobrine, Hildegard, The Wither, and Many Mobs.

Type of Building


Mobs found here

Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Endermen, Spiders, Cave Spiders, All Hostile Mobs, and Herobrine.

Boss Battles

Zombie King, King Creeper, Spider Queen, The Master's Head, Mutant Enderman, Skeleton King, Baddy Wolf, The Whither, Hildegard, and Herobrine.

Items found here

Too Many, Gem of Notch, Dragon Egg.



The Great Devastation is a story written by Invadervax! These events have not actually taken place, or are insignificant to the progression of Minecraft.
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