The Crimson Rose is a ship Rocket_93 sailed briefly during his adolescence years. Rocket purchased the ship from a shipwright named SirFancyPenguin. Penguin was paid $50,000 by Rocket to construct the ship for him. The ship is made of dark wood, with red sails that have a white rose painted across it. The ship contains no broadsides, and a cannon on each side. The ship was sailed alone by Rocket to the island of Vix,  sailed on with Cannonwalker when he sailed to Fort Mahogany, and lastly when he had sailed to Gabe's Landing. He then sailed with the rest of the members of the Black Bandana Crew.The ship was used only a few times, from the time that Rocket left his home village, to when his crew was gifted the Transcending Trinity for when Rocket saved a small village known as "Redwood Village."

The ship is lost to the sea, and is considered a fortune. The current reward for recovering the Rose is a whopping three billion dollars. The ship has been lost for years, and is not expected to be salvaged from the ocean's treachery.

2014-06-16 00.14.04

A photo of the Crimson Rose at night.

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