The Ares dimension, shrouded in mystery, is quite literally a hidden planet residing above the Overworld. The only way to enter Ares is by locating an Ares portal, a natural structure that is randomly generated on Mushroom biomes (1 portal per island).


An Ares Portal, naturally generated and not yet activated.

Ares Porta

The portal, when naturally generated, has to be activated to work.


  1. No blocks may be missing from the portal. This includes the Quartz, red stone, emeralds, and sponges (some blocks may be missing; these must be restored).
  2. No mobs or entities can be on the structure, excluding the player or players.
  3. No parts of the structure may be obscured by blocks, ex. Hills bleeding on to the portal.


  1. Remove the sponges.
  2. Restore any missing pieces of the portal.
  3. Under the sponges are two Redstone blocks. Use flint and steel to ignite both. Then, quickly move off of the portal structure.
  4. After the fire extinguishers, all center blocks of the structure (nether quartz ore, emerald, and Redstone) will become portal blocks. Jump in to enter.


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