The small village


Bob (formerly)
Daisy_Duke (formerly)
Israphel (formerly)
Old_Peculier (formerly)
Reverend_John (formerly)

Though the exact reason Terrorvale was founded is unknown, it is assumed it was a colony of Mistral City.

Recent History

It is unknown when Terrorvale was founded, but many years ago, there lived two potent members of the community: a man named John, and his son Israphel. Israphel died at the hands of creepers, but founded his secret ocult's castle under Terrorvale. Since then, members of the community have come and gone. It was only recently that Old_Peculier had fled to Terrorvale to escape Israphel, and found the love of his life, Daisy_Duke. Not being able to handle his depression, Peculier planned to poison himself, but the heroes Honeydew and Xephos appeared on the horizon, forcing him to postpone it. During the heroes visit, much happened, and Terrorvale was abandoned.

Locations in Terrorvale

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