Squirto19, man of mystery. Very few know of his existence, even fewer know that much about him. Those who gain his respect, gain his friendship and trust. He is quick to hold grudges, and never forgets someone who has wronged him. Those who have wronged him, never forget to never cross him again.

The Templars

Squirto joined the Templars late on in its creation, but has tried to make up for that by helping as much as he can. Helping rebuild most of the base after an inside job from a traitorous member.

Short History


Squirto grew up in a bad home, his mother died when he was very young, and his father drank milk, and did seeds because of her death. As soon as Squirto was old enough, he ran away from his home, and started his own life. Though he found many towns, none appealed to him, so he became a hermit. He would visit the towns every so often to trade items, and sell things, but just as quickly he would leave. He began a few friendships in a town called Olex, many of which he still has today. In Olex he even helped a few friends build communities. After a fire which burned all of Olex, Squirto traveled to many distant lands, finding more friends, and having many adventures. Later in his life, Squirto was recruited by the Templars, and is still a part of it to this day.


Squirto was born on September 24th, to Joan and Paul 19. Into their small but loving home. During his infant years Squirto watched his father work on all of his projects. None of them worked that well, but they always turned out to be great toys for him. When Squirto was only 5 his mother died, and his father slipped into drinking Milk and doing seeds. Squirto hid in his room for most of his childhood, escaping every so often to find food for himself. After living with his father for 13 years, barely surviving, Squirto finally left. Setting out with only the clothes on his back, to begin his new life. Leaving the past behind him. After a few months of wandering, he came upon the town of Olex. After a while he realized he liked the people in this community. Though he did like them, he didn't stay in the town, he tended to live on the outskirts of it, only coming into town when he needed to.

To be continued