Savica was a town situated on the GabeWorld server. It was led by Rocket_93 (since he had ownership of the claims).


Savica started around February 2014 as a makeshift base by BaronVonShush. Rocket_93 came along and asked Baron if he could help build upon it; Baron agreed to the idea. Rocket built the storage area, smelting room, and made the grass and wood pavement. Later on, Squirto19 joined in on the town. Next came Captain_Naughty, then Dirty_Mallace and finally Cannonwalker.

In hopes of making operations go by in a more smooth manner, a parliament room was established. Here bills would be submitted to a chest, later read by the citizens and put to a vote. At some point towards the end of GabeWorld's lifetime, AwesomeA321 and Cannonwalker built a base for Team Piston below Savica's enchanting room.


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