The Realm of Jolvo (R.o.J.) was founded by Joseph Jolvon, in Minecraft version beta 1.6.1. The city is an island that was first started in the middle of no where. Now the city has a population count of 500,000 people as of 2014 and is one of the most robust metropolis in Craftia. The metropolis population is increasing by at least 100,000 each year.


The Realm of Jolvo has an average of 10 F in the winter, while in the summer it can jumped into the 90s but is commonly in the cool 70s. The metropolis has recently been hit by mysteriously outbreaks of snow storms. Recently in the summer the city has to withstand at least 2 hurricanes each year. Luckily, the city has not reported any tornadoes since Beta 1.8.


The R.o.J. has been recently been under pressure for setting new rules for the environment, over the past years pollution has increased dramatically, affecting millions.

Recent Conflicts

The Realm of Jolvo has came under fire lately, citizens reportedly have outspoken against  the government accusing it to be corrupted. Most of the government's officials have resigned over having threats and assassination attempts.


The R.o.J. have over 10 landmarks to visit over the metropolis.

  • Joseph Jolvon Statue
    • Information coming soon
  • T-Bone Park
    • Information coming soon
  • Statue of Strength
    • Information coming soon
  • Local's Wordsmith
    • Information coming soon
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