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Type of Towny:

NPC Village (with updated builds)

Notchingham is a town within the Country/Nation Minecraftia. It consists of what started as 6 residents, 12-17 residents and a mayor. Here are list of Citizans in Towny.

The Mayor of Notchingham



The Bacon Household (The Bacon Family)

Stella Bacon

Stella is a 18 yr old resident in Notchingham, Minecraftia. She lives with her NPC Parents and her aunt.

Jamie Bacon (n'ee Redstone)

Jamie is the 38 yr old NPC Mother of Stella Bacon, her former name is Jamie Redstone and lives with her daughter, husband and sibling.

Dennis Bacon

Denis is the 39 yr old NPC Father of Stella, spouse of Jamie. He lives with his daughter, wife and sister-in-law.

Hilda Redstone

Hilda is the 32 yr old NPC Aunt of Stella Bacon. She is the sister of Jamie Bacon and sister-in-law with Dennis whom she lives with. Hilda and Jamie Redstone are relations to the Redstone and Glowstone Household.

Redstone Household (The Redstone Family)

Xavier Redstone

Xavier is the 16 yr old resident in Notchingham, Minecraftia. He lives with his parents and grandfather NPC.

Mr and Mrs Diana Redstone

Mr and Mrs Redstone (Diana Redstone) are the parents of Xavier. They live with their son and Diana's Father.

Henry Redstone

Henry is the 63 yr old Elder NPC Grandfather of Xavier Redstone and Stella Bacon. He has a ex-wife, three children and two grandchildren. His children are Jamie Bacon(Redstone), Hilda Redstone and Mr Redstone. Their mother lives seperate from him.

The Glowstone Household (The GlowStone Family)

Sara Glowstone

Sara Glowstone is an elder NPC mother of Hilda, Jamie and Mr Redstone, ex-spouse with Henry Redstone and grandmother of Xavier and Stella. She divorced Henry Redstone and lives with her sister Roma.

Roma Glowstone

Roma is the sister of Sara, she is great-aunt NPC of Stella and Xavier. She has no children of her own and lives with her sister Sara.

The Wither-Whu Family Household

Carl Wither

Carl Wither-Whu is a 29 yr old NPC living in Notchingham. He lives alone and is single. He should pass away estimated around 37-43 Days after 22 yr old.

List of Residents as Total

Name: Towny: Nation: Surname: Born SName: Age at Death: Age: Health:
Stella Notchingham Minecraftia Bacon Bacon 18 Alive
Jamie Notchingham Minecraftia


Redstone 38 Alive
Dennis Notchingham Minecraftia Bacon Bacon 39 Alive
Hilda Notchingham Minecraftia Redstone Redstone 32 Alive
Xavier Notchingham Minecraftia Redstone Redstone 16 Alive
Mr Z Notchingham Minecraftia Redstone Redstone 35 Alive
Diana Notchingham Minecraftia Redstone Wool 32 Alive
Henry Notchingham Minecraftia Redstone Redstone 63 Alive
Sara Notchingham Minecraftia Redstone Glowstone 57 Alive
Roma Notchingham Minecraftia Glowstone Glowstone 59 Alive
Carl Notchingham Minecraftia Wither-Wu WitherWhu 22 Alive
Sam Notchingham Minecraftia Linga Linga 15 Alive
Jane Notchingham Minecraftia Qu Qu 43 76 Died
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