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This is a page based on the Minecraft player. If you are looking for his real-word equivalent, see here.

The almighty Notch

Real Name

Markus Alexej Persson

Minecraft Name

Notch (Golden Text)


God-like being, creator of Minecraft


Danish, Swedish

Known for

Creating Minecraftia


Red apples

"2010 is almost over! I've seen it in my dreams!"
-Notch on December 29, 2010

The Story of Notch

Notch was the single being in the bare world. He was always there, but dormant. But he was bored with the normal, round world, being confined to the thin crust of a molten sphere. He dreamed of a world made up of blocks, a world where the only limit was your imagination. Flat, forever expanding.

With a little bit of help, he created this world, and named his creation "Minecraft." He became a god-like being, known today simply as Notch.


Notch's "skin" is currently a Caucasian man with a black goatee, wearing a brown t-shirt, grey pants, and black boots. He sports a cape with the "Mojang" symbol. He is known to randomly visit some servers, and appear at large functions. If he is killed (which is not advised, as he will get you back somehow) he will drop an apple for you.

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