What is Rollback?

Rollback is a special user rights, where they can undo multiple bad edits.

This page is where users can request Rollback Rights. Community discussion is not needed, and instead only the administration will see if the user's contributions and effort to improve the wiki are good enough. You cannot request for someone else to become an rollback, the person you have recommended should be the one to apply here.


  • 100 edits that is in good faith. (This number may increase or decrease depending by the wiki's activity)
  • Anti-vandalism activity.
  • Being trusted by other users.
  • Shown to be having fun on the wiki.
  • 1 month of activity
  • No bans in the past 1 month
  • Having Fun
  • Editing not to earn a special right

Chat Moderator (Optional)

When becoming a rollback on this wiki you may also apply, in your rollback application, to have special user rights for chat. Keep in mind the requirements listed above. Without an application, the administration may promote any rollback to become a moderator if the need comes to it.


If you think you are fit and follow the requirements above then please write a paragraph, you can write more than a paragraph if you wanted, on why you should become a rollback on this wiki.

Please Place all requests under this line.

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