Note Mild Swearing in this story please read at your own risk

My First minecraft day didn't go so well...


I finally gotten minecraft I was so excited. The first thing i did was punched a sheep and then felt like a boss. I walked about ten minecraft meters and then BAM I fell down a ravine I was like "WHAT THE HELL" and then encounter my first zombie. I freaked out so bad I exited minecraft and got a drink of water to replenish my thirst of the zombie. After that I opened minecraft up and then started to punch the zombie and still unaware of my surroundings I backed up to the wall and then the zombie almost killed me. Then I started to collect gravel and dirt (after I learned I had to hold on the right click on the mouse)then after my 1x1 tower I was proud of myself and said TAKE THAT BITCHES, it soon became noon.


I heard that you were suppose to survive your first night I did the complete opposite of that, instead of collecting wood I punched sheep and cows. Then I got finally bored and punch a tree out (LIKE A BOSS). Then I pressed "E" for the first time. Then I seen this little crafting area and so I putted the logs in their, Then these weird wooden planks appeared. After two intense moment of crafting a Crafting bench I decided I wanted to make a rocket.


It soon became night and me being unaware of it I made a dirt fort. This dirt fort wasn't just a plan noob fort It was RIGHT NEXT to a mountain and then my nightmares finally began to show. I went outside still unaware of the hostile mobs that roam across the blocks, there it was a green thing soon I realize that i was a creeper. I walked towards the green beings... it started hissing (I thought it was gonna rape me...) and then KABAM It exploded and then I raged quit...