Malcolm Village was Eagle flame369's hometown, where he grew up during his childhood.


The village was relatively small, but not to small. It had a church, and a couple of houses on one street, and the other street had two more houses and a library.


Malcolm Village was founded a long time ago, by Sir Malcolm the Great, who was a knight of Ulthor, who was the old king of Minecraftia. For generations the Village went without destruction, guarded by Guards, and Sir Malcolm's descendants. eagle_flame369 and his friend, tpb1623, were born in this village, and were two of the few survivors of Herobrine's attack.


On Friday night, Herobrine received news that the Hero an ancient prophecy spoke about (eagle_flame369) and one of his companions (tpb1623) lived in the village, so Herobrine ordered an attack on the village. The next night, on Saturday, the zombies invaded the village. Several warriors, including Didimaki (eagle_flame369's dad) tried to fight back, but it was no use. The village was destroyed and burnt down, and several villagers were either dead or infected. There were only a few survivors, including eagle_flame369, tpb1623, and their families.


  • It is unknown what happened to eagle's mother and tpb's family, because eagle and tpb moved to PAS Village, and Didimaki became the lord of another village.
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