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LikaBowssFreeze's Skin

LikaBowssFreeze is a slightly famous player. LikaBowssFreeze is famous for finding the 'end' (END OF THE WORLD not 'end' home of the ender dragon) of a Minecraft world even though they are supposed to be never-ending. There was a fountain of lava spewing off a cliff into complete blackness. Torches could not be placed at the site, so it was unclear exactly what the blackness was. LikaBowssFreeze also owned one of the fastest of all-time factories, which produced 300,000 EMC of items per second. On minecraft, not tekkit.

How he came to be

He started as a simple old steve running around on small minecraft servers. Then he joined some bigger servers including UberMinecraft and By the time he joined UberMinecraft, he created his new classic skin. A skin like the one in the picture at the side but with different colors changing around often. Always with the LikaBowssFreeze 3d glasses.

Greatest Creation

Of all the creations other than his factory, his greatest creation was a floating castle of tremendous size (picture not available). General description: archery towers made of golden blocks with hidden entries. The entrance was a huge staircase of rainbow colors (in order of head to bottom like his skin in the rainbow skin picture above. The interior contained a huge dining table, many clever booby traps, various dungeons, and a high viewing tower at the sky building limit.

LikaBowssFreeze recently built a new castle.. Not as great as his other one, but a picture may be available soon.