Josef Furnace was born somewhere in Mycelia, which, at the time, was a beautiful mountain top, filled with life. However, slowly, as the world of Minecraftia was corrupted by evil creatures such as the Ender Dragon, Mycelia begin to wither away and become a place of dark pits of soul sand, and deadly patches of Mycelia. For years, Josef lived in the mountains of Angmar, and took an interest in science. Unfortunately, when Myecelia was corrupted, as was Josef. Science became of obsession of his, and once he made his way out of the mountains and found a peaceful village, the evil kicked in.

For some time, Josef lived as a trader in that village. He used the money he gained there to further his experiments, and, he hoped, could destroy the village. Furnace opened Aperture Science in the town and gained a vast amount of wealth. One man known as Jeremiah Garland, elder town member, supported Furnace's cause. For years, the two raked in the emeralds and came closer to destroying the village, and, soon, much more. However, before they could, the two were halted by a small group that called themselves "rebels." They challenged Aperture, and swore to stop them. Furnace and the rest of Aperture dealt with the rebels easily, without the town noticing. The rebels returned soon after, backed by a new clan called the New California Republic.

Aperture went up in flames and the two weren't seen again for years. Rumor has it they retreated into the mountains of Angmar, and set up new Aperture headquarters on top of Mycelia. While residing there, Josef apparently went through many sessions of therapy to treat his violent and cynical personality. At the same time, Jeremiah Garland helped re-open Aperture Science as Aperture Golem Co. In an effort to raise Emeralds to support their own agenda.

To be continued as the future unfolds.