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This is a page based on the Minecraft player. If you are looking for his real-word equivalent, see here.

Jeb skin
The mighty jeb_

Real Name

Jens Bergensten

Minecraft Name



Right-hand man of Notch



Known for

Aiding Notch in creating Minecraftia

The Story of jeb_

It is unknown where "jeb_" came from, but it is certain that without him, Notch may have never been able to form Minecraftia. He is credited with forming wolves, inventing pistons, and much more.

He often wrote the news patches, and performed Notch's day-to-day dirty work. In all senses, the residents of Minecraftia are indebted to the mystical guru.


Jeb_'s "skin" is currently an elderly Caucasian man wearing a dark tunic with a light shirt and trousers. He wears a wreath around his head, and has a cloak with the Mojang symbol around his shoulders.

He is rarely seen outside his mystical workshop, which no ordinary Minecraftian has ever visited.


  • Jeb did not actually invent pistons. It was originally a mod, which he greatly enjoyed, and added to the vanilla game.