Israphel's Castle
The castle in it's might


Israphel (assumed)


Creeper_Boss (formerly)
Daisy_Duke (briefly)
Israphel (formerly)
Zombie_Boss (formerly)


The Israphel's Castle was built some time after the resurrection of Israphel. It was the home of the Cult of Israphel for a time, before the heroes Honeydew and Xephos came, led by Old_Peculier, to rescue Daisy_Duke. Though Israphel escaped with Daisy, the heroes slew the Creeper_Boss and Zombie_Boss (for a time).

It is assumed to now be abandoned, along with the town above, Terrorvale.The City of Terrovale was destroyed by Herobrine during his raid on Israphel's Castle.The adventurers Honeydew and Xephos came back.