HeroDestroyer generation 1 is a legendary robotic mob/player that a player saw on an SSP tekkit game. He is a cyborg, possessing various abilities. He is quite possibly the most powerful living thing in minecraft, a product of Herobrine meddling with tekkit. He is claimed to be seen rarely on SMP servers.


HeroDestroyer has many abilities, such as:

  • Laser cannons (his arms shoot bolts like arrows with flame)
  • flamethrower (his arm shoots a fiery blast that lights stuff on fire)
  • missiles (he rarely shoots missiles that act like TNT blasted by another block of TNT, but explode on contact and seek the targeted player
  • enhanced eyesight (can see the player, aim, and become hostile at the max range of chunk generation)
  • enhanced speed (faster than a spider)
  • enhanced strength (knockback 2-like punching)
  • machine gun (sort of like a high speed bow, but the arrows are infinitely fast)
  • can break blocks and has extrodinary redstone logic AI
  • super-tough (like, iron golem type)