Fort Liberty

Fort Liberty is the sight of a battle between the soldiers of the Overworld and the Nether Legion. The Overlord soldiers had been pushed back to their last fort to defend against the Nether Legion. Fort Liberty was the sight of the last stand in the war for the Overworld soldiers. After 13 days of endless and intense combat the Nether Legion took the fort. After 200 years of the Nether Legion ruling the Overworld, the Overworld citizens rebelled and attacked the fort which was being used as the heart of the government. In the rebellion only one Overworld soldier perished. That man was Pvt. Herobrine who many believe still walks on the grounds of the Overworld with us.

At the fort conditions were very harsh. The soldiers were suited with leather armor and stone swords and bow and arrows. All that was offered for food was under cooked pork that caused sickness and fatigue to the soldiers.


A view of the inside of the fort.

As seen to the right the Fort was generally cramped. The soldiers had complained to their general but he did nothing about it. He instead thought winning the war was more important than living conditions.
To the left is a view of inside the baracks. Typically the soldiers armed with swords would line up on the inside in a square formation. The archers would sit atop the guard towers and along the scaffolds that stretch around the fort, always visible to the soldiers who were laying in bed.
To the right is the scafolds that would be used by archers.

Fort Liberty is now known as a historical landmark and seen as a token of prosperity and perseverence by the people of the Overworld.

NOTE: The Nether Legion consist of anything that exist in the Nether in the current update for the 360 Edition or anything in the Nether in future updates.