The Excalibur, more commonly known as the Blade of Angmar, is a sword that has existed for thousands and years, since the forming of the Templar Order. According to legend, Notch, the creator of Minecraftia, sent down the sword with a mighty lightning strike. The first to discover it was Alexander Miguel Cross, a preacher of Notch  and the ancestor of Josef Furnace (Daniel Cross). Alexander knew that it was his responsibility  to spread Notch's word, and usher in a new world, a better world, that could be described only as a land of peace, freedom, and justice.

The Excalibur was passed down to the eldest son of each generation, with the exception of the son being lost, in which case it would be heavily guarded at the Strongold of Angmar until the son was found. Josef Furnace only found out he was the heir of Alexander Cross many years after he became part of the Order. Wielders of the Excalibur usually become the Grand Master of the Templars after they prove themselves worthy of the title.

The blade is said to have been forged by Notch himself deep in the Farlands, with unbreakable Bedrock and shining diamond. It ignites monsters when they come in contact with it, and peacefully lays to rest any mortals who are slain by it. Despite its endless power, it weighs no more than a feather due to an enchantment by Notch. When the Templar Order falls, the blade will catch fire and be sent into the End dimension, never to be retrieved again.