eagle_flame369 and Didimaki' s castle is a castle owned by the creeper Didimaki and his son, eagle_flame369.


​​​Ground Floor

The ground floor features to rooms: the living room and the kitchen. To left of the front door when you walk in is the living room which has a sofa and a tv (made from a painting, wooden stairs, and signs) and a double chest. Accross the living room is the kitchen. The kitchen has a furnace and a crafting table. The kitchen also has a table (a fence and pressure plate) and chairs (wooden stairs). The stairs to the first floor are also included.

1st floor

The first floors only room is the bedroom. The left half is Didimaki's half. Didimaki's half has his bed, his private double chest, and a bookshelf. The right half is eagle_flame369's half. It again features a his bed, bookshelf, and private chest. However, it has a painting as well. Each half has an item frame. eagle_flame369's item frame has a piece of rotten flesh in it, whilst Didimaki's item frame has an axe in it.  Each half also has a door to eather Didimaki's or eagle_flame369's private balconies. The stairs to the roof are also included.


The roof features a door to the house, and also features blocks on the top of the walls that allow Didimaki and eagle_flame369 to shoot mobs with bows in between them. There is also a lookout on top of the doorway. Other than that, there is hardly anything on the roof.


The exterior of the castle has cobblestone walls, which serves as interior walls for the first floor, but the interior walls of the ground floor at recessed behind the exterior walls. To the left of the castle is a farm, and next to the farm is one of the duo's mines


  • Didimaki
  • eagle_flame369
  • Bowser (Dog)


  • The castle was built on Xbox edition, so eagle_flame369 logs in using his Xbox profile, MATTHEW.
    • However, the castle can't be seen, as Didimaki doesn't have Xbox live gold.
  • The castle was originally a house, but Didimaki expanded it and it became a castle.
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