Cobbleville is one of the biggest ruins in Minecraftia. It was a normal peaceful little town until 1998 when entity 303 obliterated the entire town except a few players, AkselHolmsted being one of them. Cobbleville is just one of the many villages that got destroyed when entity 303 went on a killstreak in 1998, but is the biggest one. Now, it's a popular destination for tourists and explorers.


The village was founded in 1876 and slowly became a medium-sized town. But during an unknown night during 1998, entity 303 bursted out of the nearby mine. Entity 303 ran over the fields. And set fire to the town hall. I was not long before the entire city stood in flames. 5.900 people died that night. As soon as entity 303 was done with cobbleville he continued to the next town, Plankstown. Meanwhile a few lucky players made it to safety. That was when the citys TNT depot caught on fire and blew half the city up.

IMG 2524

Cobbleville before getting destroyed

Fallen creeper

Cobblevilles creeper monument 20 years later

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