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Castle McPlus is a big castle in the Creative world of the server The Kingdoms United. It is build all alone by Latias1290 (while in creative mode and sometimes using WorldEdit). It has the following parts:

Inside the castle walls:

  • Throne Room: With a throne made out of gold blocks and red wool
  • Library: With 2 floors: 1st floor: bookshelves with outstanding bookshelves to support the 2nd floor; 2nd floor: Chest, a crafting table, and an ender chest.
  • Prison: Consisting of 3 floors with a total of 13 prisons.
  • Arena: 2 sides for one-on-one fights or in teams. Team duels must always be perfectly balanced unless requested otherwise by all players who take part in the battle. Also has tribunes on both sides.
  • Hall and Stair Room: Rug, some paintings and stairs leading to the other floor.
  • Rooftop lookout post: A simple tower made out of stone bricks, standing on 4 pillars of stone brick and which is significantly higher than other towers in the castle. It has a bed in it, too.


  • 4 Towers
  • 1-block-wide castle wall
  • Walkway all around the castle wall
  • Lava ditch
  • Gatehouse with 2 towers

The castle is far from finished, and there is much more stuff planned:

  • Gallery: Consisting of (lots! Of) paintings, statues, and signs. There is also a secret entrance somewhere, do your best to find it!
  • Storage room: Lots of (empty) chests
  • Mage's Tower: A tower with a brewing stand, a cauldron, 2 bookcases, open windows, a crafting table, a chest (with empty bottles, potions, potion ingredients, paper, books and a map of the castle), a potted Brown Mushroom and a furnace
  • Treasure room: Stacked gold and diamond blocks and chests containing diamonds, gold ingots and gold nuggets
  • Portal room: Connected directly to the entrance of the Mage's Tower, consisting of a nether portal and an ender portal.
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