ABOUT C&V-----------------------

C&V or CandV is, well, the guy who's made this page, but also a youtuber, minecrafter, gamer, map maker and resource pack maker. Phew.




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Time Machine

Minecraft Time Machine Gameplay

Minecraft Time Machine Gameplay

Gameplay of Time Machine (by me)

Herobrine's Castle 

Herobrine's Castle v

Herobrine's Castle v.5 Tralier

RESOURCE PACKS-----------------

I hadn't really got on to creating some resource packs, but I did make a Invisible Sponge Resource Pack good for map makers (This is for if you have problems with the Invisible block mod and Sethbling's Invisible Door Trick)


Video: I hadn't really made a video for this yet, since I'd just made this yesterday, but Minecraft3000 needed this for his Time Travel Halloween Special so you can see a demo for this Resource Pack in the Map.

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