Description and Origin

The original Skin Shop was made by AwesomeA321, but was a traveling business. But, after it becoming more and more popular, Awesome decided to make it a store. He built the store on the outskirts of a large town. It is larger than other buildings in the town and is very popular among the villagers. Players come from far and wide, just to get a skin, and/or to see the building.


2012-09-08 00.25.45

The front of the store, with sign reading, "AwesomeA321's Skin Shop"

2012-09-08 00.28.02

The shop from an angle

2012-09-08 00.27.21

The roof alignment of the shop

2012-09-08 00.26.09

The inside of the shop with instructions for ordering a skin on the counter

2012-09-08 00.26.53

The Skin Chests, where people put in requests and come back days later to find their skins

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