99th slayer
99th_slayer (me) was a nobody who grew up in the slums of a large city, which recieved little or no attention, as it got common visits from creeper groups. Having large dreams to become as famous as Steve, the slayer of the Ender Dragon, he set out on an adventure, leaving the city and his life behind. After a week of traveling and evading monsters, he found a great place to build his new settlement, which is in between a jungle, a forest, and a taiga.

He has grown a great fondness of gold (which he calls "butter")


(These events took place after he left the city.)

Day 1: 99th_slayer started construction of his new home.

Day 2: 99th_slayer discovered an old mine underneath his house, later making this his personal mine.

Day 8: An assassin has attacked 99th_slayer while he was gathering wood for an expansion of his home. There were no notes or orders on the assassin, he didn't even know who would want him dead, except Herobrine, of course.

Day 15: 99th_slayer was found to be a descendant of a powerful king from the golden age of Minecraft. This most likely explains why assassins have attacked him recently.

Day 17: New and strange creatures have started appearing in the plains and jungle around 99th_slayer's home, he later started investigating the new creatures.

Day 18: A guild was formed near 99th_slayer's home to help him on his way to kingship.

Day 21: The guild and the Cave of Slayers were both attacked, major damage was caused to both. The two places were fixed but another artifact has been stolen, The Chestplate of Jeb. The only lead they have on the thief is a cryptic message: "The dark lord will rise up and take back what is his."

Day 43: 99th_slayer's kingdom was attacked, but not by brigands, or Reficuls, or Herobrine cultists, not even the creeper. Rather, by a dragon. Nobody knows where it came from. Part of the kingdom was decimated and many valuables from 99th_slayer's personal treasury were taken, including an heirloom that has been passed down from the first King of Karhia, the province 99th_slayer lives in, to the next, and so on.